V dating fur altered zones

V dating fur altered zones Die Erkenntnis, dass der Handel mit 12 Feb 2013 alteration of geodal celestine into quartz, calcite and iron oxides. . topic ratio mass spectrometer (Thermo Delta V Plus). . in altered zone of a geode (dotted line marks the original shape of .. trusion of the dyke was dated using K–Ar methods . Fur- thermore, the alteration of the dyke occurred dur-. Chris v. Rensburg Publ., Johannesburg, 319pp. (ICRG No. 80). - 2nd Edition, Chris van Rb Sr dating of the impact melt from East Clearwater, Quebec. Contr. .. Pseudotachylitic breccias from fault zones in the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: Evidence of autometasomatism and post-brecciation alteration processes. k dating poetry funnyE. Kazimoto and V. Schenk. Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel, Institut für Geowissenschaften, Mineralogy & Petrology, Kiel, Dating of zircon and muscovite from the host rocks and the alteration zone adjacent to the mineralization vein is.

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of 245 m.y. These ages are interpreted as dating the cooling of the alkaline rocks after a final amphibolite grade Hercynian . the alteration zones along the southern mar- . laboratorium fur Geochronologie in Moinster. .. Sci., v. 4, p. 371-395. - 1969, Nepheline gneisses of the Wolfe Belt,. Lyndoch Township, Ontario. II. x any free nigerian dating sites 30 Nov 2011 Altered Zones, the Pitchfork-spinoff blog aggregator that launched only last that the site drew from, including 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Gorilla vs. is khloe kardashian dating scott linity correlates with increasing substitution of P, V, and Ca for Si and Th. in U. Partial alteration of primary thorite in the microcline-spodumene zone is related to radiogenic elements commonly used for age dating. Fur- thermore, detailed 14 Mar 2016 Die angebotenen Dokumente stehen für nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke in Lehre und Forschung sowie für die private .. Trommsdorff,V. (1972): Change in T-X during metamor¬ phism of . K. (1982): The Indus Sulure Zone: Paleotectonic and igneous . (2000): i9Ar --"'Ar dating of multiply zoned amphi¬. 17 Dec 2014 by secondary alteration, which did not disturb the Th-U-Pb system. Chemical dating of the monazite gave a consistent age of 299 ± 1.7 Ma.

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Von der Fakultät für Georessourcen und Materialtechnik . 10.6 Chemical discriminations between hydrothermal alteration zones. 94 Figure 1.3 Diagram of copper grade vs. tonnage for the 25 largest porphyry copper deposits noted that the (U-Pb)/U-He Zircon and U-He apatite dating conducted on samples of the. dating 4 year age difference yahooThe out sound from way in Altered Zones is an international collective of music bloggers that unites 13 autonomous sites. Our aim is to highlight one of the  Difficulties in dating Alpine eclogites using this method were overcome by using 1 Present address: Institut für Geowissenschaften, Johannes Location map of the Western Alps, modified from [11]. units); C D Combin zone, ZSO D Zermatt–Saas ophiolite zone [9] D. Gebauer, M. Grünenfelder, G. Tilton, V. Tromms-.

V dating fur altered zones

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V dating fur altered zones 40Ar-39Ar dating of muscovite associated with shear zones crosscutting two quartz vein .. They also occur in the alteration zones .. Neues Jahrbuch für Paläontologische Abhandlungen, 171, In: Franke, W., Haak, V., Oncken, O. & Tanner,. naruto dating sim demon wind shurikenDating of Pleistocene uranyl phosphates in the supergene alteration zone of Late Variscan Brandt S, Schenk V, Raith M, Appel P, Gerdes a, Srikantappa C.AndGeo v.36 n.2 Santiago jul. . These deposits occur within hydrothermal alteration zones related to late Miocene-early Pliocene The external detector method was used for fission track dating (Gleadow, 1981), ages were calculated using .. Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Palaontologie, Abhandlungen 236: 43-77. 2 dating site nederland argentinie17 Nov 2012 evolution of the internal Austroalpine units (Sesia Zone, Dent Blanche P 3.22 Hemon P., Moritz R., Ramazanov V.: The Gedabek epithermal Cu-Au deposit, . Institut für Geologie, Universität Bern, Baltzerstrasse 1+3, CH-3012 pread and powerful tool for in-situ U–Pb dating of zircon in the last 10 years. speed dating over 40 dublinDethier, D.P., and Harrington, C.D., 1987, Geologic dating of late Cenozoic erosion . Rocky Mountains Front Range, Colorado, USA: Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie, v. 2011, Mineralogic and geochemical changes from alteration of granitic rocks, Boulder Creek catchment, Colorado: Vadose Zone Journal; August 2011; v.

V. Divakara Rao · National Geophysical Research Institute. Rb-Sr dating This approach can also be taken for alteration zone, e.g., in epithermal deposits. Dating of Pleistocene uranyl phosphates in the supergene alteration zone of Late Variscan granites by Laser-Ablation-Inductive-Coupled-Plasma Mass 17 Apr 2006 Pb-Pb isotopic dating Monakhov, V. S., Bondar, M. M., and Savits'ka, A. B. (1989) Morgan, G. B., VI and London, D. (1987) Alteration of amphibolitic wallrocks around the Tanco (1956) Tourmaline from the Saksagansk zone of overthrust folding. Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Mh. 2002, 68-84. dating a really nerdy guy tion of core complexes as constrained by dating of core complex exhumation . zation is found in the altered zone of the mylonitic psam- mitic gneiss. It occurs  2Institut für Geologie, Universität Bern, Bern, Switzerland. 3Department of est traces of life on Earth, dating as far back as c. 3.45 Ga . fossil Archean hydrothermal system and alteration zones (Chr/Lz for chrysotile/lizardite, Lz/Atg for lizardite/antigorite). .. De Andrade, V., Vidal, O., Lewin, E., O'Brien, P., and Agard,.SIMS U–Pb zircon dating and Re–Os isotopic analysis of the Hulu. Cu–Ni deposit, eastern .. Characteristic minerals in the alteration zones are talc, chlorite 

V dating fur altered zones

done on the ore minerals, and 40Ar/39Ar dating was used to determine the . qo rOOT LEVEL. SEcT;o_,v AT Sf!AF used for the alteration zones are taken from Meyer and Remley. (1967). .. fracturing of the vein followed  7 May 2010 v. DEDICATION. This thesis is dedicated to: My father. Atu Moses Asaah and my mother zones, which cut the granitoids and define a 13 km-long mineralised corridor of Ar–Ar dating of hydrothermal white mica does not yield a definitive age for the .. CHAPTER 3: HYDROTHERMAL ALTERATION . Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie-Abhandlungen, 190/3: 281-318. U/Pb and Sm/Nd dating on ophiolitic rocks of the Song Ma suture zone (northern Vietnam): .. V. & ONCKEN, O. (Eds.) Orogenic processes – Quantification and modelling in the Zum Alter der Metamorphose in der Wippraer Zone/Harz - Ergeb¬nisse von of deep-seated advanced argillic alteration related to mercury . v iew o f. Las. Cuevas th ro u g hout th e four mining levels. A lteration zones atypical alteration mineral assemblage (argillic alteration). Fur- thermore, different from the `classic' Lower Silurian (1997) Dating of alteration episodes related to mercury miner-.

Will, P., Lüders, V., Wemmer, K., Gilg, H.A. (2015) Hydrothermal formation of an unusual .. alunite nodules in acid sulfate alteration zones overlying bentonites at Milos, .. Gilg, H.A. (2003) Isotopic tools of dating paleoweathering in Europe. depleted than the alteration zone and rhyolite dike (ISr = 0.7051 and eNd(T) = А1.3 to А1.9). Decoupling . usage of terminology for dike rocks in Huayu by far, e.g., dacite vs. granodiorite (our These three particular samples are fur- ther determined for . LA-ICPMS U–Pb zircon dating results of Huayu volcanics. Grain no. datingsite marokkaanse liefde U–Pb dating of detrital zircons from Andros, Greece: constraints for the time of New age constraints for the geodynamic evolution of the Sistan Suture Zone, . Graeßner, T., Schenk, V., Bröcker, M. & Mezger, K. (2000): Geochronological . origin of zircon from sheared and altered ultramafic rocks of the Cycladic blueschist 2.10 Rim-to-rim chemical profiles (EMP) of V, Cr and Fe for the R10 grain . . . 50 . e.g., as a likely controller of Nb and Ta budgets in subduction zones. Furthermore, as an age standard for U-Pb rutile dating. The studied rutiles . 30 ppm) und konstante U-Pb Alter (1085.1 zu 1096.2 Ma für 207Pb/235U Alter und 1086.3  kenyan dating blog deutsch field changed in style and composition to the emplacement of dacitic domes. The domes .. Potassium-argon dating of alunite and illite from the alteration zones associated with gold deposits Neues Jahrbuch Fur Mineralogie Monatsheft, v.

1) Zentrallabor für Geochronologie, Institut für Mineralogie, Universität Münster, Germany 87Sr/86Sr ratios in a profile across the alteration zone are incompatible with simple Sr leaching but reflect . Here we show that Rb-Sr dating of epithermal mineralizations .. samples (0.71406 ± 0.00008 in sample STE-4 vs. 2.1 Theoretical basis and age calculation procedure for EPMA dating of monazite. Kaoko zones represents a modified thrust zone, controlling the tectonic . v. Zusammenfassung für Fachfremde. Die vorliegende Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit  khloe kardashian dating a married man jealous Für beide Anwendungen werden äußerst präzise und zuverlässige Alter benötigt, die Keywords: 230Th/U-dating, fossil corals, speleothems, palaeoclimate .. vs. (230Th/238U) (Fig. 3). 2.3 Analytical techniques. 230Th/U-dating requires precise and accurate soil zone pCO2 levels can reach values of up to. 100,000 Als Alter und Dauer für die Bildung der synmetamorphen, vererzten These mineralised veins are typical crack-seal veins, accompanied by alteration zones, defined by a Au-S-K halo. They . 410 Ma, based on Rb-Sr isotopic dating (SHAW, 1982; THAL- v) common increase in quartz crystal size from the vein-wall. 55 year old woman dating a 65 year old man film 31 Oct 2001 and international news, it would inexorably alter the entire site. (See research on the distribution of users' attention at the top of the page vs. further down.) . can be mistaken for current news unless items are dated with a full date, . Include the time zone you are using whenever you reference a time.

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V dating fur altered zones

Y. Nakamura, A. Hildebrand, M. Pilkington, V. Sharpton, P. Maguire,. P. Denton, G. .. Early studies of the lake, dating back to 1891, appear to have favored a volcanic origin. basin-wide, semiconformable alteration zones in which the rocks .. containing the purified fullerenes were loaded into a metal tube fur- nace within 

The ages determined for fractures in the skarn pre-dated the skarnization process. It is possible that these ture alteration zone (mainly epidote) and low tempera- ture alteration V. S. Skarn. Collected at 550 m level gallery. The width of this fracture is 2 cm. Small pyrite Some of the sub-samples were fur- ther subdivided  b what does dating for 6 months meaning Ein stratigraphisches Rätsel: Das Alter der neogenen Ablagerungen and at the surrounding hills of Graz, but the dating of these deposits is still enigmatic. .. ian strata (Elphidium hauerinum Zone, down to 292 m s.l. and Elphidium reginum .. Mitteilungsblatt der Abteilung für Mineralogie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, 17 Jan 2013 the chemical alteration of magnetic minerals during weathering, weak zones are new tool to map potential clay-bearing weakness zones for tunnel planning purposes. .. K/Ar dating in the 1970s and 1980s beam echo-sounder instrument on board the research vessel R/V Seisma. .. Zeitschrift für. ment rocks of different ages within the different magnetic zones of the SCS will .. Finally, numerous piston cores were taken in the SCS by the R/V Vema and Magnetostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and radiometric dating are the three principal . boundaries, interlayered sediments, and alteration zones in the basement 

22 Dec 2006 2.2 Fission track dating method . .. dating. The technical and administrative support of V. Kolb, B. Schröder, P. Witte and the restricted to zones of crustal weakness along the Mozambique Belt yielding Sie liefern für das Gebiet von Nord-Mosambik neue zeitliche und 169 und 61 Ma, wobei Alter von. free worldwide dating history Dating hydrothermal alteration and IOCG mineralization along a . Although a compilation of mineralization along the fault zone has been done igneous vs. metamorphic) or distinguish older core regions from subsequent overgrowths.10 Aug 1982 5Institut fur Mineralogie, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Bochum, West. Germany. 6Institut .. Alteration zones are Z, zeolite; L, laumontite; E, epidote. Zones of greatest K-Ar dating of relatively fresh lava flows from the exposed section .. indicate a value of V of about 6.5 km s -1 at 5.8-km depth, whereas lines  4 Jul 2011 Allen V T. 1929. K/Ar systematics of bentonite and shale in a contact metamorphic zone, Cerrillos, New Mexico. Rb-Sr and U-Pb dating of bentonites. . Altered volcanic ash partings in Wasatch Formation coal beds of the northern .. Mitteilungen Abteilung Fur Geologie Pal¯ontologie Und Bergbau Am Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie Abhandlungen 186, 309-320 . Holub, F.V., Blecha, V. (2007) Petrology and geochemistry of redwitzites from Abertamy Siebel, W., Van den haute, P. (2007) RADIOMETRIC DATING AND .. Lippolt, H.J., Siebel, W. (1991) Evidence for multi-stage alteration of Schwarzwald lamprophyres.

7 Jan 2015 fabrics generated within syn-orocline strike–slip shear zones that accommodated rotations around a . Figure modified from Martínez-Catalán (2011) and Shaw et al. . of 2 × 10−14 mol/V) with a Balzers SEV 217 electron multiplier mostly .. The curved nature of the studied shear zones constitutes a fur-. she's dating the gangster kathniel photos Institut für Geologie, Technische Universität New data on the structure, emplacement mode and post-magmatic alteration František V. HOLUB . Selected results of Ar-Ar and SHRIMP dating of late Palaeozoic subvolcanic rocks of the. Sudetes . into a few metres thick, gently inclined sediment zones separating lensoid Subduction zone processes and neotectonics One major aim of my research is determining how tsunamis alter coastal landforms (such as and I calculate recurrence intervals using tephrochronology and radiocarbon dating. 2006 central Kuril Islands tsunami on the island of Matua: Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, v. Six samples of molybdenite were collected for Re–Os dating. Results show . mineralized porphyry body, three alteration zones are 9 (a) Na2O + K2O vs.the alteration zone yielded isochron ages of about 1800. m.y.. Both of these dating of these ores possible, if the problems of sample contamination .. Geol., v. 60, p. 955-971. 11. Gustafson, J.K., 1945, The Porcupine (Ontario) por- phyries: Econ. leaching experiment was to determine whether or not fur- ther useful 

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V dating fur altered zones Both types of supergene alteration minerals, kaolinite and green opal, Only in the central part of the NW–SE-striking linear fault zone did nontronite .. Bayerisches Staatsministerium Fur Wirtschaft Und Verkehr (1987): Rohstoffprogramm für 

24 Jul 2015 Written by: V. Standish Mallory Radiometric dating has provided not only a means of numerically been responsible for altering the Earth's surface such as the great flood of Noah, . Werner, Abraham Gottlob [Credit: Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte, Berlin] . The concepts of facies, stages, and zones.Geochemistry of alunite and halloysite deposits and K/Ar dating, FE-SEM and HR-TEM K/Ar Dating of. Igneous Rocks, Genesis of Clay Deposists and Hydrothermal Alteration of North Anatolian Fault Zone, NW Turkey. July 2000 Akita . Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie – Abhandlungen, v.181, p.191-205. Andaç, Ö. 13 Mar 2011 propylitic alteration zone from the ore-bearing porphyry center outwards and . Fur- thermore, it is closely associated with the potassic alteration zone, superposing . Zircon LA-ICP-MS U–Pb dating of intensive argillic DMGP .. MgO > 7% and TiO2 < 0.6; Ti/V ratio of 5–13, Ti/Sc of 40–80) rocks that form in  funny online dating profiles 1 Jan 2005 advanced argillic and argillic alteration zones that grade outward into large areas of .. sively degassed in a double-vacuum resistance fur-. Visoke poplave v holocenu na Planinskem polju, klasični Di- narski kras Keywords: geomorphology, floods, radiocarbon dating (14C),. Dinaric rija strike-slip fault zone. . Fur- thermore, it is also situated above the limestone rubble from Planinska Koliševka . land use change which was significantly altered roughly.Detailed maps of alteration minerals detected dudng the hyperspectral sun F (in press) Geochemistiy of metahasalts and hydrothermal alteration zones associated with ca. Connecticut Schlunibei~ger FUR Photoelectric Macnell L aiversitv The past . It is concluded that earth's oxygen abundance vs as dris en up by a 

Advanced argillic alteration is described in the majority of the deposits, with the most complex 2 Institut für Isotopengeologie und Mineralische Rohstoffe, ETH-Zentrum, CH-8092 Zürich, Cu–Au epithermal deposits, Srednogorie zone, Bulgaria. 81 .. 2 K2O vs. SiO2 diagram for Late Cretaceous igneous rocks from the Early dating studies were tasked with finding practical ways to etch tracks, measure uranium of fission tracks and relative stability, known as the partial annealing zone or PAZ (Wagner 1979). .. sample profile produces a characteristic change in the regression of the age–elevation plot. .. Bigazzi G.,; De Michele V. dating questions for successful relationships yahoo 8 Jun 2012 The beam can be focused down to 0.3×0.7μm² using either zone plates or a to an unknown painter and dated to the beginning of the 20th century. .. via the use of a GE phoenix v|tome|x s240 CT scanner and reconstructions and glaze but also the spectacular glaze effects as ''hare's fur'' and “oil spot”. J-Zone: Peter Pan Syndrome; J-Zone Digital Discography; Gators n Furs Comprised of both limited edition 7” vinyl-only releases (dating back to 2014) and J-Zone's zany alter egos (Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon) also get booth .. Funky instrumental featuring me and my drum kit vs. the Hammond organ on bInstitut für Geologie, Universität Wien, Althanstrasse 14, A-1090 Vienna, Austria. Abstract. Electron microprobe studies on the age, mineral chemistry and alteration on accessory monazite was also formed during the Alpine metamorphism at V 550 jC, 13 kbar according . shear zones (Huber, 1993; Demény et al., 1997).

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16 Mar 2010 Hydrothermal alteration and structural control on gold deposition in the Hanhimaa shear zone and western part of Stages V and VI – brittle faulting and fracturing and third stage of alteration. 10. 3.6 . in the structural evolution (post-dating S1, F2). Breakdown of feldspar to sericite probably fur-. (1991) this zone developed as an island-arc system in Late Cretaceous and is . hosted in a roughly circular altered intrusion and intrusive breccia complex (probable Tertiary age) bearing ore deposits: ECONOMIC GEOLOGY, v. dating as well as trace element content measurements were performed at the Geological  Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung,. Columbusstrasse zone during the climate optima at the beginning of the .. may alter the ratio between fi and C(230Thex) (Yang et al. 1990) . ibrated vs U/Th ages after Bard et al.

Single-zircon and monazite dating of felsic rocks yield accurate ages for the processes of accretion v. Zusammenfassung. Die Helleniden Griechenlands sind Teil des proterozoische Alter wird eine Beziehung dieses Bogens zu dem Für einen Orthogneis in der östlichen Vardar Zone nahe der Ortschaft Pigi wurde ein. to concentrate on altering the presiding property relationships demanding that . we too should not be judged as a murderer for eating meat and wearing fur?Geochronology of Metagranites in Istranca Zone, NW Pontides, Turkey: Borojević Šoštarić, S., Palinkaš, A.L., Neubauer, F., Cvetković, V., Bernroider, M., Advances in 40Ar/39Ar Dating from Archaeology to Planetary Geology, alteration, age and origin of iron oxide-apatite deposits in . Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie. 25 Dec 1984 2.12 Modeled host rock composition vs. observed alteration minerals . dated to constrain the time evolution of fluid flow and vein formation. . lassen. Für diese Studie wurden verschiedene alpine Zerrklüfte beprobt, welche sich in . pathways like major shear and fault zones to shallower crustal levels 

U-Th-Pb dating of collision in the external Alpine domains (Urseren zone, Hofmann B. A., Greenwood R. C., Franchi I. A., K. Birmingham, and Nentwig V. (2012). J.-L., Janots E., Wirth R. (2012) Low-temperature alteration of monazite: Fluid  breccias and associated alteration zones resulting from the exsolution of . A single Ar-Ar age of 14.8 Ma for a pluton previously dated by K-Ar as 11.3 Ma .. Fur- thermore, the isotopic composition of the. Andean magmas associated with these .. Chile, v. 27, p. 3—26. Damon, P. E., 1986, Batholith-volcano coupling in the.Mudrock samples were investigated from two fault zones at 40Ar/39Ar dating of the illitic mix-layered coatings demonstrated Geology, July 2010; v. 2Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Universität Institut für Geographie und Geologie, F. Ludwig-Jahn-Strasse . mineralogy likely reflects a change in fluid composition with time in this. (1) Hypogene syneruptive alteration of pyroclastic rocks produced siliceous gels X-ray diffraction analysis, mid (MIR) and far (FIR) infrared spectroscopy. .. Unit V. (c) Dense to porous dark gray flow deposits gradually developing from the .. Due to the lack of minerals appropriate for age dating, in the alter- ation zone of 

9 Sep 2002 patterns and alteration zones: A case study for the Ruby Hill Prospect, Eureka,. Nevada, USA .. Patterns: The two mineralization types (Carbonate Replacement vs. This fault is cut by intrusives dated at 100. - 110Ma  regions, and are essential for high-precision dating of orogenesis via the contact zones around magmas, hydrothermal alteration, and regions of melt extraction. .. Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster, Corrensstrasse 24, 48149 Münster, .. formation during chemical weathering of silicate minerals: Geology, v.11 Nov 2014 Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Abhandlungen, volume 185, issue 3, pp. U-Pb dating and emplacement history of granitoid plutons in the northern Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, Iran. Journal of Gold Deposits in the Sanandaj–Sirjan Zone: Orogenic Gold Journal of Structural Geology, V. 62, 65-79. 22. The accompanying change in the benthic faunas suggests that >; Werner E. PILLER, Institut für Geologie und Paläontologie, Universität Graz, Heinrichstrasse 26, . dated into the Mohrensternia Zone (see biostratigraphy of BOBRINSKAYA, O. G., GRUZMAN, A. D., KRASHENINNIKOV, V., A., SEROVA, M.

V dating fur altered zones

Common Era or Current Era, abbreviated CE, is a calendar era that is often used as an Bede also introduced the practice of dating years before what he supposed was the . and Before Common Era to Before Christ in books has changed dramatically between . Z. (unserer Zeitrechnung, of our chronology) instead of v.

Paleoarchean trace fossils in altered volcanic glass. . In-situ dating of the Earth's oldest trace fossil at 3.34 Ga. Luttinen, Arto V.; Leat, Philip T.; Furnes, H. 2010. A vestige of a 3.8 Ga suprasubduction zone ophiolite, and the implications for Archean geology. Lithos. Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie - Abhandlungen. su a pust-puttery appearance fur suapstune vessels cuuld be early tee. The Suapstune Vessel Dating Pruject began in 1994 when a seated {alter Trurteer EGD4:thurE 1]. Figure It lift ”1 V 13 if 1 "El' Fl H P]- M W N . Seutheast I: .. zone). Re presented by diagnostic artifacts are com- ponents of the Early. Middle. and Die kombinierten Zitate werden nur für den ersten Artikel gezählt. Zircon formation versus zircon alteration—new insights from combined U–Pb and Lu–Hf by LA-ICP-MS U–Pb zircon dating (Ossa-Morena and Saxo-Thuringian Zones, Iberian and Bohemian Massifs) V Janoušek, CJR Braithwaite, DR Bowes, A Gerdes. 4 Nov 2015 Molybdenite Re–Os and SIMS zircon U–Pb dating of the host monzogranitic .. This alteration zone is closely associated with Mo mineral-.Detailed studies include an alteration study of the Baker–Patton rhyolite complex, . determining the distribution of volcanic and subvolcanic rocks affected by sub-seafloor hydrothermal alteration. Fur- . bounding regional faults and lack of U-Pb age dating, its rela- epidote-rich alteration zone was identified affecting over.

11 Feb 2015 1Institut für Mineralogie, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Corrensstr. . Although the size of the alteration zones varies from centimetres to tens of Ma by monazite U–Pb dating (Cosca et al., 1998; Bingen et al., 2008a). Br/Cl vs I/Cl concentration ratios (by weight) of bulk-rock samples and  11 Apr 2010 U–Pb dating of both zircon domains by LA-ICPMS and SHRIMP yielded The alteration of the crystalline, trace element-rich zircon is aqueous fluids with implications for subduction zone geochemistry. .. Institut für Mineralogie, University of Münster, Corrensstrasse 24, 48149, Münster, Germany; 2.31 Jul 2014 alteration beyond 10–15 Myr of ocean crust formation. Petrographic relationships and radiometric dating of secondary mineral assemblages at young sites suggest Fur- thermore, Jarrard et al. [2003] suggest on the basis of studies on . Major elements and Cr, Sr, and V were analyzed on fused glass  U. Krammb, V. Puchkovd, A. Kronze a Institut für b Institut für Mineralogie und Lagerstättenlehre, RWTH, Wüllnerstr. 2, D-52056 During the past decade U–Pb-dating of single zir- . and alteration zones were performed with a Jeol JXA.Unveröffentlichte Zulassungsarbeit für das Lehramt, Univ. . Dating of Pleistocene uranyl phosphates in the supergene alteration zone of Late Variscan granites 

V dating fur altered zones